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La Gracia is a church that believes that Jesus is the only way to the Father, and Scripture is the only way to know Him

La Gracia was founded by Pastor Robert Mireles in 2009 in Sorrento, Florida. Now La Gracia resides in Eustis, Florida and is continuing to grow by God's grace.

La Gracia is a church that is constantly engaging the culture and spreading the good news of Jesus Christ. We are passionate about serving God and serving others, and are on a mission to have God's will be done here on Earth as it is in Heaven.


Pastor Robert Mireles is a loving pastor blessed with the gift of communication and passionate about reaching the lost. He has given his life for the cause of Christ and the mission of making disciples of all nations. His joy comes from God and being able to spread the gospel to every man, woman, child he comes across. 

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